Design Her Story Bazaar

Eh ey oh, ey oh!

LOL I can’t get that Bastille song off my head, sorry. It’s been a crazy month and my blog drafts are piling up ’cause – hear this – I cant find the time to finish them! I guess it’s a good kind of problem to have, yeah? Continue reading


Mikka’s 19th


Wow, time sure flies so fast! I can even remember my own 19th as if it was only yesterday. Now it’s my baby sis’ turn!! I guess she’s not so baby anymore. Of course, how else would she want to celebrate it but with her (and our) favorite things to do: Baking + eating!

AHH YUMMM?!? Continue reading

Animo Night ’13

In the words of the hosts and personalities that led the program last Thursday, “Ang sarap maging Lasalyano!” True enough for one can feel the spirit resonating through the university’s halls and grounds, radiating from within each individual clad in green and white as they chant DLSU cheers – and at one point, even the rival school’s cheers. The festive atmosphere that strongly smells of victory and everyone’s vibrant smiles which are visible from outside the gates were truly a beautiful sight. Continue reading