Animes, a Circus, and everything nice

“I don’t hate him, because hating implies caring, and caring requires his certain significance in my life. I’m more like indifferent. I just don’t care about him at all.” – Me to an old friend regarding her other friend who I never really liked. Probably my most interesting thought this week too.  Continue reading


Albums that changed my life

Yup, still not done redesigning. Laptop’s been down and I’ve been using my mom’s for the last two weeks. For the meantime, I’m going to try and tell tales as much as I could while sharing this laptop with my sister.

So I’ve been a follower of Alter The Press for a year now and I found their site very informational for my music-related needs. One of my favorites, aside from their up-to-date posts, is their “albums that changed my life” section, where different lists from different music icons (like Alex De Leon of The Cab, Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, and many others!) are featured every week. Tonight, after ages of wanting to post mine, I’m finally doing it. Continue reading