21st on the 21st

One random day you were born into this beautiful world and someone told you that that day will forever be special. They lied. It’s just wednesday.” ~ The Gentlemen’s Rant: Birthdays Continue reading


The Lousy Blogger

This blog is in dire need of updates. I would like to apologize to my readers and to myself, for being one lousy blogger for the past month or so. School just officially ended today (I know, delayed trimestral system sucks) and I’ve been spending most of my free time with my guitar and iPod, learning and recording new songs, and/or watching films that I have never seen before. WHUT. I am freakishly random like that. Continue reading

A haphazard post.

Olah! How is everybody doing?

I apologize for not posting regularly. At least I’ve got stuff to be busy about, right? ¬†And yah, my life isn’t as boring as it used to be anymore. I don’t want to elaborate because every time I talk about something, i lose it. So let’s just leave it with that. :)

So, just a few updates: Continue reading