Is it really so hard to express to some people how much they matter to you because they already know you are not the expressive / showy type of person, or is it just me? Has anyone out here ever felt like that? Like, they don’t expect anything from you anymore, but then you’ve changed over time and you kinda want to express it now.

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First road trip!

Before I dive into my bed and rest my tired eyes, I’d like to mark today as the first day I ever drove through the express way without an adult to accompany me! Well, kind of. My mom, who is a thousand miles away, insisted on bringing our ~guardian of sorts~ along with my younger sister. (As if it will make any difference except increase the number of casualties in case of any accident, which THANKFULLY has not occurred and HOPEFULLY never will) Anyhow, it feels hella liberating to be able to go to places (almost) on your own. Not to mention how convenient and comfortable it is to run errands! I just got my guitar fixed, finished our groceries, strolled and window shopped, and practiced my parking skills all in our sweeeeet time. It’s the little things, I’m telling you. ;)

Here’s to a more adventurous year!

PS – Took the photo while buying fruits on our way home – relax! At least it ain’t a driving selfie. ;) x