Series roundup (Part 1)

Given this much free time in my hands, I guess you can say that I’ve been spending almost half of it drowning myself in movie and series marathons – distributed throughout the week, of course. (I still like to schedule things if I can) So I have rounded up the best of the recent series I’ve finished in case any of you are looking for new (or not-so-new) shows to watch to pass the time – or to get totally engrossed in – whatever. Continue reading


Cards and cravings

If I had to summarize my week then that would be it.

I just recently saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and LOVED it so obviously I went through my “stalking stage” where I usually try to learn more about whatever it is I’m hung up about – and that’s where I found House of Cards, a current David Fincher project (if I may call it that since he’s the one that lured me into watching). At first I really thought I won’t last because I found it way too complicated for my ignorant mind. But then I just felt the need to see the next episode.. and the one after that, and then another and now I’m done with season two! Yes, just in a matter of days. #whatislife LOL Continue reading

Animes, a Circus, and everything nice

“I don’t hate him, because hating implies caring, and caring requires his certain significance in my life. I’m more like indifferent. I just don’t care about him at all.” – Me to an old friend regarding her other friend who I never really liked. Probably my most interesting thought this week too.  Continue reading