On why I barely talk at all

Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of different people as a requirement for my new job. And as fresh and exciting as it is, there comes a point where you get tired from doing something repeatedly. Don’t misinterpret this; I like that I’m learning a lot from meeting different types of people and getting a glimpse of their personalities, but do understand that if I don’t have to, I probably wouldn’t. Continue reading


A screwed up mentality

Funny how people think they’re funny and interesting. More importantly, that they interest me. And with which they couldn’t be more wrong.

Funny how some people think they get to tell me what do. Man, I might be silent and awkward and many other things but being a pushover isn’t one of them.

Funny how people think they’re the shit when actually they ARE shit. And of course they have no clue because they think so highly of themselves.

Funny how people think they are right every. fucking. time. That even when they’re not, they still are. Or at least they make themselves believe that lie.

Lastly, it’s kinda funny how people think I care. Like, seriously? After years of building upĀ these iron walls.. they don’t really believe that, do they?